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The Riders of the Purple Sage details the 1996 movie which was based on the classic Zane Grey novel. Ed Harris and Amy Madigan were the executive producers, and had the lead roles of Lassiter and Jane Withersteen. Norbert played the evil Deacon Tull in this movie.                     Riders of the Purple Sage website.
                         Norbert as Deacon Tull This website has been completely redesigned and updated. It has been entered into the 2017 Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.
The Radicals Movie website pays tribute to this award winning 1990 film set in the 1520s. Norbert plays Michael Sattler, the leader of an Anabaptist group during the reformation period in Europe. Michael Sattler was put to death by the Catholic Church because of his beliefs.                The Radicals Movie website
                    Norbert as Michael Sattler This website won Platinum at the 2010 Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival in the Digital Media category.
The Incident Movie site explores a 1991 movie in which Norbert played Hans Riefenstahl, the head of the Lager Gestapo at Camp Breman, a fictitious WWII German POW camp. A special feature is a complete section on the history of German POWs in America.
Norbert as Hans Riefenstahl
This website won Platinum  in the 2013 Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival in the Digital Media category.
Android is a 1982 cult classic movie that was filmed in Roger Corman’s studios. Norbert had the role of a space fugitive who took refuge on a remote space station that was manned by Android scientist Dr. Daniel and his assistant Max 404. Klaus Kinski played Dr. Daniel. Don Opper, who also wrote the screenplay, played Max 404. Android Movie website.
This website won a Platinum at the 2014 Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.
Norbert on the set with Klaus Kinski
These award winning websites were all inspired by Norbert’s films. Each of them have greatly expanded presentations with many behind the scenes photos provided by Norbert and other cast and crew members, production notes, interviews with the cast and crew, and extensive other exclusive features.
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