See Under: Love
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See Under: Love is a play that was presented by the American Traveling Jewish Theater in 2000. Playwright Corey Fischer based this play on a novel by David Grossman. The San Francisco Chronicle declared that it was one of the 10 best plays of the year. Norbert had the role of Neigel.
Synopsis:  An old Jewish writer, Wasserman, is imprisoned in an unnamed concentration camp but cannot die. He keeps emerging from the gas chambers alive. When the camp commandant, Neigel, discovers this man wrote a series of children's stories called Children of the Heart that he remembers vividly from his own childhood, he commands Wasserman to revive the characters and tell him a new episode each night. In a dark and ironic reversal of the Scheherazade story, Neigel promises Wasserman that if he is pleased with the evening’s episode, he will shoot the writer, thereby giving Wasserman the release he seeks. As it happens, Wasserman survives all of Neigel's bullets. Wasserman's dormant artist's soul is awakened as he begins to tell the new Children of the Heart story. He realizes that, through the telling, he might pierce the Nazi's heart and “infect him with humanity.”
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