A Tribute to Sam Shephard
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These images are from the Sam Shephard tribute that was held in Los Angeles the evening of October 2, 2017. Friends and family of the late Sam Shephard read excerpts from his Pulitzer award winning plays and other writings, sang songs and offered up thoughts on the long and meaningful friendships they all had with Sam. The full video of this evening is available on the Padua Playwrights Facebook page. Special thanks to: Gabrieal Griego, Cheryl Bianchi, Nathan Birnbaum, Darrell Larson, Emily Tunon and all the others who made this evening possible, especially Guy Zimmerman and Murray Mednick.  Additional thanks to Kelly Stewart for the wonderful photos used on this page (via Norbert Weisser). Performers in order of appearance:
Sam Shephard     1943 - 2017 10 Obie Awards Pulitzer Prize for Drama Author   |  Actor   |  Director Song Writer Academy Award Nominee 24 Awards Won 45 Award Nominations
Bill Pullman along with the band, friends and family of Sam perform “Brownsville Girl” a song Sam co-wrote with Bob Dylan.
Darrell Larsen (Director)
John Densmore and Alan Mandell
Ray Barry
Morgan Weisser
Tom Bower
Beth Ruscio and Leon Martell
Bill Pullman
Norbert Weisser
Ed Harris
Murray Mednick
Annabella Price and Zipporah Rogers
Sandy Rogers
Sandy Rogers and a childhood friend of Sam’s
Roxanne Rogers
Lorinne Vozoff
Andy and the Rattlesnakes with the Angel City Choir
“All good writing comes out of aloneness.”                                  - Sam Shepard