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                This is the official fansite for the incredibly versatile and talented actor Norbert Weisser. Norbert began acting in the theater in the 60’s, then in films and television in the 70’s. Almost every one of Norbert’s roles is featured in this site on a dedicated page. I do not attempt to capture entire films or television episodes in this website. Focus is on Norbert’s role and contribution to the production. 
Official Fansite
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Latest News
Evolver is a new sci-fi short by Director Isaac J. Rosenthal that was written by Julian Meiojas. Norbert sent several behind the scenes photos from this production that can be seen on the Latest Ventures Page.
In the Spotlight
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A complete list of Norbert’s movie and television roles can be found on his IMDB page. I had the distinct honor of designing his professional website. Check it out for different features and clips of several of his theater performances.
Norbert has the role of an angry director in a brand new, high-production Pepsi commercial. Appearing with Norbert is Cuba Gooding Jr., along with a large cast who utter famous movie phrases throughout the entire commercial. Even More on the Latest Ventures Page.